Why Us

Why Us 2018-05-15T15:46:18+00:00
  • We have run film shows with more than 50 companies and in groups ranging from 20 to 150 people.

  • We have played over 500 video clips and lipdubs during bachelor parties with groups of 10 – 30 people.

  • We have made 20 short films which have been selected for a number of Dutch film festivals.

  • We are filmmakers ourselves and we work with other filmmakers, which means that the quality of the images exceeds the rest.

  • We always film in Full HD

  • We can ALWAYS!

  • Each province is served at the same rate, by applying a fixed travel allowance of 25 euros anywhere in the Netherlands.

  • We deliver the final product within 14 days via our online video database, where your video is protected by a password and can always be viewed and downloaded.

  • UK Filmstars has concepts ready for bachelor parties and team building excercises.

  • Our concepts will never lose sight of the fun factor.

  • The concepts of UK Filmstars have been developed by people with a social pedagogical background.

  • Each workshop of UK Filmstars has a course, in which the improvement of the group dynamics is included as the underlying objective.