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When do i get my quotation?2018-05-15T15:07:09+01:00

In principle you will never receive an offer for our outings with us. We clearly indicate all information, including the price, in advance. If the outing then matches the expectation and the budget, you will receive an order confirmation from us that we then like to receive signed back. Everything at your pace.

How much does my outing cost exactly?2018-05-15T15:10:06+01:00

The following prices apply to our outings. In addition to the prices below, we charge a standard travel allowance of £ 25, –
These prizes have a minimum of 10 people (short film 12 people). If the group is smaller, please contact us.

Movie outings
Video clip / Lipdub: £ 42.50 p.p.
Film contest: £ 49, – p.p.
Short film: £ 54, – p.p.
Additional price Award Show after filmcompetiton: £12,-p.p.

I have to arrange a location myself. But uhm, how do I arrange a location?2018-05-15T15:11:52+01:00

Arranging a location is easier than you think. In general, our outings are for groups larger than 10 people. Assuming that every person knows 10 people outside the group, that means that you know 100 people together. Of those 100 people there is always someone who knows someone with a big shed, maybe a farm or who works at a primary school where we could possibly use the auditorium on Saturday. Of course, your local favorite pub is also a great option for our outing.

How long does the outing last?2018-05-15T15:13:48+01:00

The video clip, lip dub or film competition lasts 3-4 hours. During the film competition, an optional Award show can be booked that requires a further 2 hours of installation, followed by a prize-giving ceremony after watching the films. This lasts a total of 2 hours. The short film takes 4-6 hours.

How late do you start?2018-05-15T15:14:35+01:00

We start at the time that suits you best. There is nothing too crazy about that.


How long in advance should I book?2018-05-15T15:16:12+01:00

The same applies as availability. The months of April, May, June and September are filling faster than others. Booking on time is never unwise. 6 weeks in advance is ideal. A month in advance is also fine.

How long in advance do I have to pay?2018-05-15T15:17:17+01:00

An outing or workshop of UK Filmstars must always be paid in advance or in consultation on location.

Can I change the number of people in advance?2018-05-15T15:18:12+01:00

Our terms and conditions clearly state that you can change the number of persons up to 14 days in advance free of charge with a maximum deviation of 20% compared to the initial number.

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