Teambuilding with film? A Bachelor party Lipdub, Hen Party or a real movie experience?

UK Filmstars is the company you must see. Since we take a professional film making approach and only work together with real film makers, we can justifiably call ourselves the company with the most cinematic end result. Take a look around, convince yourself and let UK Filmstars record your short film, videoclip or lipdub

Hen/Stag Party

Make your Hen/ Stag Party the best with a professional video to make a memory you can’t forget of your special day.

Lipdub recording

Is you idea of a hen party to be busy and break a sweat? Then making a lipdub bachelor party or company outing is the thing for you. During the lipdub shoot we follow a preset route with the camera. Everybody jumps in front of the camera and playbacks or performs something before they jump out of the image. Then you run to the next point where you come into view.

Short Film

Making a film during your bachelor party or group outing is always a nice idea, but how much does it really look like the real thing? If that is the question you ask yourself, then making a short film is exactly the concept that we have developed for you. Filmfreaks approved!

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